Story of Кrauss

Аustrian Werner Kraus always dreamt of becoming an architect. In the early 1920s, he enrolled in the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. His mentor was the renowned architect, the creator of the Vienna State Opera building, Eduard van der Nüll.

In 1926, Krauss founded his first architectural bureau, Architekturbüro Krauss Eigenschaft. His hallmark became functionalism—an architectural style based on the formula: function—construction—form—quality. Werner believed that homes should primarily be functional and convenient for living. Every square meter of space should serve its purpose. However, while designing homes, Krauss never forgot about aesthetics. The architect’s signature became simple and concise lines and airy, bright spaces.

In 2008, we decided to continue Werner’s legacy. For over 15 years now, we have been creating comfortable and cozy living spaces under the brand KRAUSS kinnisvara.

Over the last 80 years, construction technologies have advanced significantly—3D modeling, new materials, and fresh design solutions have emerged. Despite utilizing all these innovations, we continue to adhere to Werner Kraus’s idea: to create aesthetic and functional living spaces where it is pleasant to reside. This is the mission of KRAUSS kinnisvara.

  • 1925

    The first Krauss house, which won the hearts of the Austrian people with its functionality and spatial structure.
  • 1935

    Kraus continues to create and build not only houses and villas, but also state institutions, adhering to his own style, unique in that era.
  • 2008-2009

    The beginning of our activity. Construction of the first private house as a general contractor.
  • 2010

    Crisis time. Work on various contracts. We build roofs and facades. We are reconstructing a large volume of roofs in Kehra at the Kehra pulp mill.
  • 2011

    The first real estate development project. By coincidence, the work begins in Latvia. Construction and sale of the Urzevas project – a terraced house for five boxes, 10 km from Riga.
  • 2012

    Another, no less interesting project for the development of terraced houses. A suburb of Riga. The project was named “Ozolu birzs”, translated as “oak” because of the large number of oaks in the district. 6 premium class row boxes were built and sold.
  • 2013

    «Januze». It was built in an ecologically clean area, in the north-west of Riga. Our cozy houses are located along Stadiona Street, just ten minutes from the Gulf of Riga and 20 minutes from Lake KaierIeris.
  • 2014

    We participate in the design and quality control of the construction of the Hotel Mercure Kaliningrad. The hotel is in a great location, the Kaliningrad water cascade and Rossgarten gate are less than 1 km away, the Immanuel Kant monument – 1.3 km and the Bunker museum 1.4 km away. It’s only a quarter-hour walk from the Amber Museum.
  • 2015-2020

    We focus on the development of residential buildings in Tiskre and Tabasalu near Tallinn. In five years we will build and sell over 7,000 square metres of living space. It’s incredibly gratifying to see families being created in our houses, new lives being born and people getting happier.
  • 2021

    Quality, Comfort, and Aesthetics in Every Square Meter
    The primary focus of our attention is the construction of spacious townhouses and boutique homes in the city center.
    Diverse and meticulously planned layouts, convenient locations, and A-class energy efficiency make our homes ideal for comfortable urban living.

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