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Aleksandr Kraus

Founder and Board Member

He began his career while studying at Tallinn Technical University, majoring in civil engineering. In the company, he oversees all crucial organizational and strategic matters, including goal setting, project analysis, site selection, investments, and personnel recruitment. In his free time, Alexander engages in triathlon, participating in Ironman competitions, and enjoys paragliding.

Mark Grimitliht

Development Manager

Mark graduated from Tallinn Technical University and the Estonian Academy of Arts. Additionally, he pursued studies at universities in Austria and Finland. Mark has work experience in leading architectural bureaus in Estonia and held the position of municipal architect on Saaremaa. He has received professional awards both in Estonia and internationally. At Krauss Kinnisvara, Mark is responsible for developing concepts for developer projects.

Aleksandr Marmuljov

Development Manager

Alexander completed his master’s degree at TalTech in 2010. He began his career as a project manager for the development of energy facilities and later worked in project management at the KOKO architectural bureau. In his work, he values consistency, order, and organization. At Krauss Kinnisvara, Alexander is responsible for the development of company projects. His colleagues highly appreciate his responsibility and responsiveness.

Andrus Raud

Project Manager

Andrus has been with Krauss Kinnisvara since the company’s inception. In his work, he values planning, clear goal-setting, and the professionalism of colleagues. Andrus believes that work is an important source of energy but highly appreciates relationships with loved ones and always strives to spend more time with them. He is passionate about sports. Colleagues consider Andrus the soul of the company and love him for his excellent sense of humor.

Mihail Smirnov

Project Manager

Mikhail has been working in the construction industry since 2010, honing his skills in companies such as Luxidor Baltic, Hades Geodeesia, and Nordlin ehitus. At Krauss Kinnisvara, he is responsible for planning and coordinating project activities. Colleagues appreciate Mikhail for his excellent organizational skills, punctuality, and sense of humor.

Leonid Lvov

Project Manager

Leonid entered the construction business in 2011 and collaborated with major companies such as Nordecon, Maru, and Enska. For Leonid, it is important that the work on a project proceeds smoothly, and the result brings satisfaction to all parties involved. He genuinely believes that there is always a solution to any problem and always abides by this life principle. In his free time, Leonid dedicates himself to poetry and singing.

Katrin Shendrik

Marketing and customer relations

Katrin started her career while studying at Tallinn School of Economics. At the company, Katrin is responsible for creating a marketing strategy. If you hear about Krauss Kinnisvara from our partners, read on social networks or visit our website, our Katrin is behind it all. Katrin values planning, accuracy and company development in her work. Colleagues appreciate Katrin for generating new ideas.

Kristina Ani

Sales Manager

Kristina began her career during her studies at the Tallinn School of Economics. In the company, she is responsible for developing the marketing strategy. If you hear about Krauss Kinnisvara from our partners or on social media, know that it’s all thanks to our Kristina. Kristina values planning and precision in her work.

Jaana Valtsuk

Finance director

“The right hand” of the company’s founder. Yana is responsible for managing cash flows, communication with investors, and preparing reports. Yana holds two higher education degrees in economics and a master’s degree in business management. She does everything necessary to ensure the company’s growth while remaining reliable and financially stable.


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