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Aleksandr Kraus

Founder and Board Member

He started his career when he studied at Tallinn Technical University, getting a degree in civil engineering. The company solves all the most important organizational and strategic issues: goal setting, project analysis and land selection, investment and recruitment. In his free time, Alexander does sports such as triathlon, ironman, paragliding, which he considers a kind of meditation.

Mark Grimitliht

Development Manager

Mark graduated from the University of Applied Sciences and the Estonian Academy of Arts. He also studied at Austrian and Finnish universities. Mark has experience in leading Estonian architectural firms, as a Tallinn city center architect and head architect of Saaremaa municipality. Mark has received architecture awards both in Estonia and abroad. Mark is an artist at heart and a perfectionist by nature. At Krauss Kinnisvara, he is responsible for concept development of development projects.

Aleksandr Marmuljov

Development Manager

Aleksandr graduated from TalTech in 2010. He started his career as a project manager for the development of energy facilities, then continued his career in project management at the architectural firm KOKO. Aleksandr appreciates the consistency, order and organization in the work. At Krauss Kinnisvara, Aleksandr is responsible for the company’s development projects. Colleagues appreciate Alexandr for his responsibility and responsiveness.

Andrus Raud

Project Manager

Andrus has been with Krauss Kinnisvara since the company was founded. In his work, he appreciates planning, setting goals and professionalism of employees. Work is a source of energy for Andrus, but at the same time he values relationships with family. An athlete and the soul of the company, Andrus is an indispensable employee for KRAUSS Kinnisvara with a great sense of humor and clarity in completing tasks.

Mihail Smirnov

Project Manager

Mihail has been working in the construction industry since 2010. He acquired his skills in companies such as Luxidor Baltic, Hades Geodeesia, Nordlin ehitus. In Krauss Kinnisvara, he is responsible for project management tasks – planning, coordinating project activities and communicating with various parts. Colleagues appreciate Mihail’s excellent organizational skills, accuracy and sense of humor.

Leonid Lvov

Project Manager

Leonid began his career in the construction industry in 2011. Before joining Krauss Kinnisvara, he improved his skills in companies such as Nordecon, Maru and Enska. It is important for Leonid that the work on the object goes smoothly and that the result is enjoyable for all parties. Leonid believes that there is always a solution to every problem – he is guided by this rule in life. Leonid devotes his free time to poetry and singing.

Katrin Shendrik

Marketing and customer relations

Katrin started her career while studying at Tallinn School of Economics. At the company, Katrin is responsible for creating a marketing strategy. If you hear about Krauss Kinnisvara from our partners, read on social networks or visit our website, our Katrin is behind it all. Katrin values planning, accuracy and company development in her work. Colleagues appreciate Katrin for generating new ideas.

Kristina Ani

Sales Manager

Kristina has been in the real estate business for over eight years. Constantly drawing inspiration from her work, Kristina helps to find the best solutions to match people’s wishes with expert opinion. Kristina is also the owner of the kitchen furniture salon Kraus Köögid. Kristina loves books and painting and is constantly developing herself by visiting exhibitions and trainings.

Jaana Valtsuk

Finance director

“Right hand” of the founder of the company. Jaana is responsible for cash flow management, investor relations and reporting in the company. She always has ready-made solutions for any task. Jaana has two higher economic educations and a master’s degree in business management. She does everything necessary for the company to be reliable, financially prosperous and have the opportunity to develop.


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